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  1. web services
  2. spring components as web services
  3. Publish/Subscribe WS-Eventing
  4. WebServiceExporter and WebServiceProxyFactory
  5. Compression and Web Services
  6. .NET Compact Framework
  7. Adding WebMethod references directly to a ServicedComponent
  8. WebServiceProxyFactory can't load the ServiceInterface
  9. WebServiceProxFactory doesn't support interface extensions?
  10. How do I do remoting using Spring in IIS?
  11. Remoting Events
  12. WebServiceProxyFactory limits
  13. Web Services w/o IIS
  14. First Time Remoting Question
  15. Exporting dynamic AOP proxy as remoting service
  16. WebServiceProxyFactory with proxied objects
  17. client-side proxy
  18. how to move server CAO configuration outside the app.config
  19. potentially unrelated question about proxies
  20. Confusion re configuring injection and ASMX handler
  21. WebServiceProxyFactory Enhancements
  22. Decoupling clients from web services
  23. SoapHttpClientProtocol namespace
  24. Exporting a Web Service using an interface?
  25. How to expose web service attributes?
  26. ContextRegistry.GetContext() is null
  27. How to leverage spring.net new enhanced clientproxy factory
  28. SpringNet Web Service Exporter
  29. How to incorporate WSE2 security token
  30. problem using XmlApplicationContext to getObject
  31. Multiple config files for different environment?
  32. Exposing a method with EnableSession as a Web Service
  33. Spring + remoting + IIS
  34. WebServiceClientFactory and SoapHeaderAttribute
  35. How to configure Spring web service to support WSE 3.0
  36. .net passing security token created by java
  37. WebServiceProxyFactory
  38. Sao的生命周期问题
  39. Exporting (out) and (object) parameters
  40. disconnect from CAO
  41. Interop with Spring java?
  42. anyone using web services support in a production deployment?
  43. WebServiceExporter id and target name
  44. Spring.NET WebService and WSE 3.0
  45. Spring Services (Remoting)
  46. Passing an object to a remote service
  47. Single instance remote object pool
  48. Questions on IConfigureLifeTime of SAOExporter
  49. WebServiceClientProxy doesn't implement my interface
  50. Applying Microsoft.Web.Service3.PolicyAttribute to class
  51. Exporting transactional proxy as remoting service
  52. Object Instantiation based on property values
  53. Multiple SaoFactoryObjects
  54. A simple Spring Web Service. How to access it?
  55. Can the target of WebServiceExporter be proxied?
  56. Spring Enterprise Services (com+)
  57. "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
  58. Security in sprint.net web-service
  59. Bug: WebServiceClientFactory and ref parameters
  60. Double items
  61. WebServiceClientFactory on JAX-WS exposed services
  62. [Ajax related]Web services not working
  63. Preserve some attributes when exposing PONO as WebService
  64. Exception Handling at the Server Classes
  65. Proxy authentication
  66. Web Services, AOPProxies, and Sessions (HttpSessionState)
  67. Vista, IIS7.0; nullreference in GetHandler
  68. Latest changes : WebServiceClientFactory and WebServiceProxyFactory merged
  69. Exposing methods returning interfaces with WebServiceExporter
  70. Two methods with the same name in a WebService class
  71. Improving throughput by creating Asynchronous Web Services ( a working approach )
  72. Raise SOAPException in Web Service to the client
  73. Remoting + IIS + http + BinaryFormatter
  74. EnterpriseServices: Exported object not finding dependent assembly
  75. How to use session scope variables in webservice
  76. XmlNode parameter always null
  77. Strange Proble with Web Services
  78. Could not export PONO as web service
  79. Publishing two remoting services dependant to each other
  80. Is there something missing in the SaoExporter?
  81. Web Services Proxy Problem with Integrated Windows Authentication
  82. Authorize in remoting with spring
  83. deploy remoting app with ensureSecurity="true"
  84. subscribe - publish -- client-server
  85. How to get HTTP Request info inside a remote service
  86. Calling a web service proxy asynchronously
  87. Method with the Same for Web Service
  88. Remoting + Cluster
  89. Web Service Proxies and custom objects
  90. Problem understanding the .NET Remoting Quick Start
  91. Windows Forms application that has a Web Service
  92. Web service urls directly coupled to spring names, deliberate or error?
  93. Using Remote Protocols like Hessian, HttpInvoker with Spring.net
  94. Wse 3.0
  95. WSE Integration sample
  96. Spring Web Services and soap headers
  97. Spring Remoting and IIS
  98. Error at first call of WebServiceExporter.GenerateProxy()
  99. Enterpise Services: Unable to make reference to transient module from non-transient
  100. SOAP Encryption
  101. DI in Web Service
  102. Stateful webservices
  103. Nullable types
  104. Looking for an advanced FTP client software
  105. PONO exposed as webservice fails to load configuration
  106. Slow startup with Web Service Client due to XmlSerializer
  107. Dynamic Web Service Url
  108. Exposing IFactoryObject as web service
  109. class loading for client/server app
  110. Web Services in CLient Application
  111. Dynamically change SoapDocumentMethodAttribute
  112. Remoting - getting error and getting mad...
  113. EnterpriseServicesExporter questions
  114. Any suggestion to overcome serializing issue in web service?
  115. WebServiceProxyFactory
  116. Remoting a Stream
  117. Consuming Java Web Services
  118. Unable to load Type for Exported ServicedComponent
  119. Remoting and ACL
  120. Spring.Calculator on remote host with EnterpriseServices
  121. Exporting a class with introductions
  122. Soap Header with AuthenticationHeaderFactory
  123. Remoting: SaoFactory and autowiring by type
  124. Exception Handling with Spring.Net Web Service Clients
  125. EnterpriseServices config file
  126. Calculator Quick Start To IIS
  127. WebServiceProxyFactory and methods with ref parameters
  128. Create MarshalByRefObject proxy without publishing
  129. Consuming Java Web service - Array not being serialized back properly
  130. .NET remoting and interoperability with JMS/Java
  131. CAO remoting with nightly build?
  132. IIS 7 and SP1
  133. Remoting - The channel http is already registered
  134. IXmlSerializable SOAP WSDL errors
  135. Issues with deserialization for Spring.NET and Java Web Services
  136. How to decorate a web method with multiple custom attributes..?
  137. Passing null parameter to Webservice method
  138. Trouble with WebServiceExporter and injection
  139. published web service
  140. Setting Time-out for Web Service Client
  141. access web services error
  142. Remoting application needed to be hosted as a windows service
  143. Access Java Spring service w/ Spring.NET
  144. Example RemotingUsingWebServer - how to specify port/channel type?
  145. WebServiceProxyFactory: Invalid URI error with ServiceUri property
  146. WebServiceProxyFactory: Basic Serialization Issues
  147. Serialization for Microsoft Reporting Services
  148. Enterprise Services: [Request] Sample with DB connection
  149. Interprocess Communication (IPC)
  150. auto proxy creator and web service proxy factory
  151. When to get the Spring Application Context ?
  152. Using DI on a class used by WebServiceExporter
  153. Changing method signature results in an exception
  154. Passing "this" to .Net Remoting object
  155. Access to the object via web service over remoting...
  156. Programattically setting timeout using IObjectDefinition
  157. Server Error in '/' Application.
  158. Documentation erratum ?
  159. Hosting webservices in a windows service app
  160. Web services in non-root web folder
  161. Using SoapExceptions within Spring.Web.Services.WebServiceExporter-generated objects
  162. Set Remoting Channel Timeout
  163. How to do Domain Authentication
  164. Error creating service proxy from a web service hosted in an extern server
  165. Debugging spring.net / iis issues with web services
  166. WS Client side complex type mapping
  167. HelloWorldService doesn't work (c#)
  168. Corba client
  169. Spring.net not closing REF CURSOR
  170. injecting httpContext.Session into a spring.net Business layer webservice
  171. Applying ServiceKnownTypeAttribute to my WCF Service
  172. Applying ServiceKnownTypeAttribute to WCF service with Spring
  173. WebService HTTPS authentication fails
  174. Duplicate type name within an assembly
  175. WebServiceProxyFactory bug?
  176. Excluding Method from webservice
  177. hosting a webservice created using Spring in .net
  178. Case sensitivity in Web Service URL for IIS6
  179. WebServiceExporter Interfaces
  180. Send Username and Password to .net Web Service using Spring .NET
  181. How using Spring.net in a project Web Service (.asmx)
  182. Q. Asmx and WCF in a single project
  183. Help noob with error
  184. Accessing a webservice in spring.net
  185. WebServiceProxyFactory and SoapExtension
  186. Deployment problem with WebServiceExporter
  187. Sending Email
  188. TargetInvocationException after WebService request
  189. WebServiceExporter & duplicate service instances
  190. Webservice and SoapHeaders
  191. IWAB0503E error when creating web services in STS
  192. Spring.Net - Quartz.Net - Remoting
  193. WebServices and JSon response
  194. Problem with WebServices with Aop and WebServiceExporter
  195. ISomeRemoteInterface.Equals(someNonSerializableObj ect) throws SerializationException
  196. WebServiceExporter debugging
  197. CodeConfig Exporting POCOs as Web Services
  198. ASP.NET WebServiceExporter TypeAttributes
  199. Configure WCF in spring without using app.config/web.config
  200. Problems in consuming Java Web Service
  201. Why I cant find my post
  202. Authentication failing on spring.net "clsssic web services" calls
  203. Using NTLM authentication on client proxy created using WebServiceProxyFactory
  204. Problem when call spring.net webservice from JQuery with POST method.
  205. need a way to rollback sharepoint documents from web service
  206. Web service stops working when moving from v1.3.0 -> v1.3.2
  207. Request format is unrecognized for URL unexpectedly ending in '/<methodname>'.
  208. Spring JAX-WS WebService is slow