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  1. Logging via AOP in WCF service
  2. DI with Spring.NET and WCF
  3. Copying of custom attributes doesn't work for ServiceBehavior Wcf attribute and AOP
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  6. cant' find sample.
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  12. How to Implement Hibernate OpenSessionInView with WCF Services?
  13. Spring.NET, NHibernate, WCF Services and Lazy Initialization
  14. How to Expose more than one WCF Service With Spring.Services integration.
  15. WCF Release
  16. DI and InstanceContextMode.Single
  17. NHibernate session per WCF operation.
  18. Export PONOs as services?
  19. Does integration work from WCF Service Library?
  20. WCF and NHibernate
  21. Spring.Services assembly dependencies
  22. Adding credentials to an injected (factory) service
  23. OperationContract requires ServiceContract when re-exporting client as service
  24. PUT Method is not Working in WCF
  25. Example for PUT Method in Rest Based Service
  26. WCF Service with username authentication
  27. How to create dynamic data contract
  28. How to use ArrayList in WCF service method
  29. Hosting a WCF service created by the ServiceExporter
  30. Use the same interface on client and server without attributes.
  31. Help with camel relaying HTTP msg between .Net web client and .Net service
  32. How to configure WCF service in Spring
  33. Problem with multiple interfaces
  34. adding web reference to C++ project
  35. Recovering from a Service Host failure
  36. WCF Service Config for IIS
  37. Where to get the Spring context ?
  38. Help with configuring service on IIS
  39. WCF with TransactionScope and ServiceDomainPlatformTransactionManager
  40. WebScriptServiceHostFactory support
  41. Creating WSDL for gSoap clients
  42. need for clarification
  43. Best Practices and Recover a Faulted Channel
  44. Configuration issue on IIS7
  45. one object per user
  46. SleepInSeconds in Wcf Services
  47. Problems with WebGet and SpringServiceHost
  48. Self-Hosted WCF svc and Spring: Factory?
  49. WCF Quick Start Example does not work?
  50. Preserving collections on the client side
  51. WCF config in a different file (not app.config)
  52. WCF client - STS service
  53. WCF Singleton
  54. Spring context in console app
  55. Exporting PONO as a service with FaultContract attribute
  56. WCF Basics
  57. Passing Large dataset through WCF service
  58. WCF error handling
  59. "Duplicate type name within an assembly" Exception
  60. on application start
  61. Validating service method arguments
  62. Windows Process Activation Services(WAS)
  63. Hint for creating "on-the-fly" WCF services
  64. Is it possible to configure WCF only in the context?
  65. ServiceExporter proxy throws NullReferenceException in ..ctor
  66. Hosting a wcf service using an svc file and the service exporter
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  73. Microsoft Survey: Please help make .NET/Java Interop better
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  76. Logging
  77. "InstanceContextMode.Single" ServiceBehavior problems
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  81. Client-side caching for WCF in Spring.NET
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  88. Spring.NET REST Client issue
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