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  1. Mock Object Library Selection
  2. Enterprise Library
  3. Dependency Injection vs. Service Location
  4. Dependency Injection, local variables, and design
  5. Error getting object
  6. Best way to support parent application contexts
  7. Approach to handling inter-component dependencies
  8. Shared Property
  9. Is Spring.NET core container ready?
  10. Log4Net Not Working
  11. swings application
  12. PublishEvent method not in IApplicationContext Interface?
  13. listener ref child element parse bug?
  14. AbstractApplicationContext.Close method
  15. Collection Support
  16. Issue with InstallUtil.exe
  17. MethodInvokingFactoryObject, documentation and properties
  18. Configuration as embedded resources
  19. Configuration File Strategy
  20. Child object definitions and abstract classes.
  21. Intantiate Object on Event
  22. Spring.Objects.Factory.IDisposableObject vs System.IDispose
  23. the dtd file
  24. Is rc1 ioc container stable enough to use in production ?
  25. Initializing an IApplicationContext in a web application
  26. Difficult to debug xml validation errors or ?
  27. Error loading ApplicationContext
  28. ResourceSetMessageSource with multiple ResourceManagers
  29. Obtaining bean definitions from a stream
  30. Not recommended by Spring developers
  31. Should abstract objects be registered?
  32. Spring IoC and Variables evaluation
  33. MethodInvokingFactoryObject and null values
  34. Embedded Configuration Files
  35. Constructor value injection issue
  36. Spring.Core.dll (rc2) doesn´t install in GAC
  37. Context aware class libraries
  38. Different type of colletion injection
  39. IDisposable
  40. Spring and Obfucastor
  41. what is the proper way to disable spring.net logging?
  42. The check of the signature failed for assembly 'Spring.Core'
  43. using Spring Examples in Visual Studio
  44. Spring.Net and NHibernate
  45. assembly configuration file
  46. ConfigurationReader does not close resource stream
  47. Empty string in "//name-values/values" attribute v
  48. Strong name validation failed for assembly 'Spring.Core'
  49. Problem with .NET System class in application context
  50. About the MovieFinder sample
  51. Initializing static variables
  52. IApplicationContextAware IMessageSource
  53. Using object ID in domain objects
  54. what are you injecting with Spring.Net?
  55. Documentation: Movie Finder
  56. .NET 2.0 Compatibility
  57. Using internal classes with Spring
  58. Best approach for serviced components?
  59. Non-singleton objects and circular references
  60. Legacy Singleton
  61. How to wire up a loosely coupled event
  62. PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer - Help
  63. How to express a common factory idiom using Spring
  64. Using Spring.NET with non-trivial test-driven applications
  65. Using Spring.Collection LinkedList as NET2.0 LinkedList
  66. Factory Import External Xml Problem
  67. Dynamic class instantiation
  68. Singleton or not singleton
  69. Method injection
  70. FileSystemApplicationWatcher - Application 'myApp' : not app
  71. About lazy-init
  72. Basic System.String instantiation?
  73. Error with PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer
  74. singleton with placeholder configurer - in version 1.2.2
  75. Threads
  76. Object pooling
  77. System.Collections.Generic.IList
  78. ContextHandler have a bug
  79. Configuring an app context from a string
  80. Placeholder values from an object and/or non app.config
  81. spring container loopless
  82. constructor with params argument
  83. Placeholders and IFactoryObject/IInitializingObje don't mix?
  84. Validating the whole xml configuration
  85. "don't use spring as just a service locator"
  86. new Modifier
  87. installer question
  88. howto create XmlApplicationContext from in memory string
  89. Problem with Spring.Objects.ObjectWrapper
  90. Transparent proxys
  91. log4net troubles
  92. Loop
  93. Dispose a singleton instance
  94. what does this error mean?
  95. Ability to add object definition in XmlElement to registry?
  96. PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer + name value collection ?
  97. Setter injection, some advices ?
  98. singleton attribute ignored?
  99. Problem configuring - newbee
  100. CurrentCulture.CurrentUICulture
  101. Inject enum value ?
  102. Error instantiating context - beginner
  103. Working with XMLApplicationContextClass
  104. Current DateTime Injection
  105. PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer with ProxyFactoryObject
  106. why is Spring.Attributes.CacheAttribute a sealed class?
  107. Service Locator - Beginner question
  108. hierarchical context question
  109. Error Instantiating Context
  110. problem with log4net in spring v1.0.1
  111. ContextRegistry.GetContext
  112. file system watcher for objects config file
  113. Cannot locate assemblies with COM interop DLL
  114. Interactive Code and objects from spring
  115. Using delegates in the XML config file
  116. Does StaticApplicationContext Work?
  117. Multiple constructor
  118. Spring and Spring.Net
  119. Method calls as part of object initialization
  120. XmlReader: static factory method problem
  121. ContextRegistry.GetContext();
  122. Does GetContext work for .NET 2.0
  123. Newbie here. Please help.
  124. Spring IOC vs. Advanced Assembly loading
  125. spring expressions problem
  126. error occured during using import element in web application
  127. Singleton is not thread-safe
  128. objects auto-init
  129. problem ofweb servce proxy creation with same interface name
  130. how to apply validation class to web servce
  131. Any more springNet Aop example other than examples included
  132. Injection on static property
  133. IList in constructor
  134. parms are casesensitive when passing from interface to servi
  135. I got the following exception after upgrading to 1.0.2
  136. Invalid configParsers section
  137. Spring is using ANRLR although I didn't request it to use
  138. Event wiring via XML config?
  139. Prototype with parameterized custom objects
  140. Why is Spring trying to load spring-objects.xsd?
  141. log4net bindingRedirect
  142. Error loading context file from path with '#' character
  143. GetConfigurationLocations
  144. Spring can't handle generic type names
  145. ContextRegistry.GetContext(string)
  146. Performance Issues on Stress Test Regarding ProxyFactory and NonSingleton Objects
  147. 'Controller' node cannot be resolved for the specified root context.
  148. Issue with Generic Class
  149. Remove object from springobjects
  150. RealProxy vs Emit
  151. Can't get Generics to work with List
  152. More on Generics of my OWN type
  153. Obsolete method & alternative problem...
  154. Abstract calls to GetObject
  155. NHibernate integration
  156. DataBinding exhibits non deterministic failures
  157. Constants in config file
  158. Spring 1.1 RC 2 versus Spring 1.0.2
  159. Help w/ ASP.NET resources
  160. Validation Framework
  161. Using Xml Serialization with Spring
  162. SubscribeEvent Exception
  163. Loading spring config from non-default app.config
  164. Reading properties from the registry
  165. DataBindingManager usage in Spring.Web.UI.Page
  166. IApplicationEventListener usage
  167. Error creating object
  168. CLS Compliance
  169. Problem with Expression Evaluation
  170. How to ru Spring.Net in release mode while app is runs in debug mode
  171. Can Spring work accross AppDomains?
  172. Anyone tested with antlr
  173. Can I configure simple method invocations?
  174. weird thing, constructor of singleton bean were called twice,getHashCode() return dif
  175. Hooking up Spring with NMock2
  176. Help Generic Type Config?
  177. does Spring.net have ability to set/get java style bean properties?
  178. I got some error on ExpressionEvaluator.GetValue
  179. Call method
  180. Adding an object to ApplicationContext in runtime
  181. The name ContexRegistry does not exist in the current contex CS0103
  182. How to explicitly set config file location for PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer
  183. Object Locked while in Use
  184. about the spring 1.02 for .net 2.0
  185. Setter/Constructor Injection from Configuration file user Appsettings value
  186. First Time .NET User from Java
  187. TDD Best Practices with Spring.NET
  188. How to debug 'Error instantiating context.'
  189. no log output from Spring.Net
  190. Static field initializing problem
  191. Hierarchical context configuration problem.
  192. XmlObjectFactory problems
  193. "Disposing" a singleton object
  194. Loosely coupled events
  195. Setter Injection for strongly typed collections
  196. Model-View-Presenter and dependency injection
  197. Different applications sharing the same IApplicationContext
  198. ThreadAbortException
  199. Loosely Coupled events
  200. default-lazy-init doesn't work as expected
  201. RE: Error instantiating context
  202. system.configuration.provider
  203. How to initialize Property with empty string?
  204. web.config problems result in infinite looping?
  205. How to specify multiple factory versions?
  206. specifying assembly location for object
  207. Validation: How to specify a null test attribute
  208. Validation
  209. specifying runtime values for Constructors
  210. XmlApplicationContext initialization failure
  211. Get object's id.
  212. Embedded Xml with aliases
  213. Newbie question
  214. XmlParserRegistry Exception if spring.core installed into GAC
  215. Spring.Core CVS doesn't build for me.
  216. PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer again
  217. How to use Spring Validator Framework
  218. Remove accents
  219. Using Spring.NET with MS Compact Framework
  220. ContextRegistry.GetContext() does not print a detailed error.
  221. Problem switching from Spring to Spring.net
  222. Validating collections with the Validation Framework
  223. IoC appConfig.xml problem
  224. 1.1 P3 issue with varying property access levels causes exception
  225. Constructor with optional parameters
  226. Bug (?) in creating Generic Dictionary
  227. PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer improvement
  228. Expression and serialization
  229. Setting Strongly typed collections
  230. Common.Logging update
  231. antlr.MismatchedTokenException
  232. Use of '.' in a context name.
  233. How to create an array using a size constructor in expression
  234. Use of 'Equals' instead of 'Is' by the distinct() function in Expression
  235. Item has already been added. Key in dictionary
  236. Using Validators in the middle tier
  237. Gettting an Int32 from IExpression.GetValue(EnumType)
  238. injection namespace problems
  239. Using Nullable(Of Integer) in Expressions
  240. Instance Method Injection
  241. Calling ContextRegistry.GetContext throws an exception
  242. Second level DI fails unless I set a breakpoint
  243. Using Spring with NUnit for testing
  244. Createing Containers Without XML configuration
  245. Global element...already declared
  246. Expression problem with null value as parameter
  247. Injecting Bitwise Values Into Constructor
  248. ExpressionEvaluator problem
  249. YA PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer
  250. Localization of Windows UserControls and Forms