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  1. Inhouse or adopted AOP ?
  2. AOP General Approach
  3. Proceed Method in an Interceptor
  4. AOP without the container ?
  5. AOP first steps...
  6. Is there support for events
  7. ThrowsAdvice
  8. AOP and Web Services
  9. Introduction Advice
  10. Exceptions in proxied objects
  11. prototype proxied objects
  12. AOP on C++ code
  13. AttributeMatchMethodPointcutAdvisor ?
  14. use dynamic proxy on none interface implemented object
  15. Using AOP + log to trace end user actions
  16. Method with ref params
  17. AOP without ProxyFactory
  18. Getting a "mixed" objet in a Before Advice impleme
  19. 'Error instantiating context' when called from COMInterop
  20. AfterReturningAdvice
  21. Create a Proxy without Target !
  22. Exception stack trace
  23. a possible bug between AOP and Spring.Data.Orm.NHibernate
  24. Strange problem
  25. Exception while using ExposeProxy-flag and per-proxy objects
  26. Better code for this ? (profiling advice)
  27. Is this possible? Using Spring to return a response
  28. Introduction Advice for windows.forms throws exception
  29. AOP & Remoting
  30. RegularExpressionMethodPointcutAdvisor
  31. Spring.Aop with Advices in more than one Assembly
  32. ThrowsAdviceInterceptor: At least one handler method must be
  33. How to apply Spring.NETAOP to ASP.NET Web Application?
  34. ProxyFactory singleton for different proxies
  35. Advising methods with ref/out causes exception?
  36. ThrowsAdviceInterceptor rethrows the exception
  37. TypeLoadException when using AOP
  38. IHttpHandlerFactory AopProxy
  39. Problem with Introduction when using MultiThreading
  40. Applying logging and enforcing security via Spring.AOP
  41. Applying AOP to a classes internal method calls
  42. DynamicProxy doesn't support generic method declarations? (Includes temporary fix.)
  43. Does ProxyFactoryObject supports null target ?
  44. CacheAdvice does not take into account the parameters passed to the method
  45. CustomAttributes AOP
  46. Constructor Interceptor
  47. Dynamic Routing problem
  48. Help with Spring Aop Configuration
  49. Problems with the AOP Framework while using nunit
  50. How about to provide a build-in "String to Regex" TypeConverter?
  51. Step by step
  52. How to custom define pointcut attributes
  53. attribute matching on base class methods
  54. WebServiceHandlerFactory not creating the AOP Proxy
  55. Interception in Prototypes
  56. Proxied object as dependency
  57. Retrieving metadata from advice
  58. Question.
  59. AccessViolationException : Attempted to read or write protected memory.
  60. System.ExecutionEngineException
  61. Internal Interface Advice
  62. Where has AspNetCacheAdvice gone?
  63. Login Checking
  64. <aop:advice> and other Spring 2-ish configuration
  65. Help needed in AOP tx management
  66. Serialize IMethodInterceptor
  67. Exclude option for ObjectNameAutoProxyCreator
  68. Weird ProxyFactoryObject behavior
  69. How to obtain custom attributes for a class within Advice?
  70. Add interface implementation
  71. Debugging with AOP - step into method problem
  72. How can I get access to the members of the advised object from the advisor?
  73. Found a problem in Spring AOP / IoC container implementation?
  74. Auto proxy in hierarchical context
  75. AOP with prototypes
  76. ProxyTargetType mixed with ProxyInterface
  77. Introduction/Mixins configuration
  78. System.ExecutionEngineException when using [Transaction()] with methods using "out"
  79. ThrowsAdvice Query
  80. setting thread credentials
  81. Custom aspect breaks transaction attribute?
  82. Simple Configuration!
  83. Article : AOP for Benchmarking with Spring.NET
  84. Tracking Object changes
  85. Problem with PrototypeTargetSource
  86. Question on AOP and ICLoneable
  87. AOP Question
  88. Adding Introductions when AutoProxying
  89. explicit interface proxy
  90. Suppressing attribute proxying in code
  91. Autoproxy invalid cast
  92. Using IOC container to proxy instances?
  93. Equals fails on proxied object.
  94. non-singleton using with TransactionProxyFactoryObject
  95. Maybe trivial question about proxies
  96. How to know my trasaction is successfully committed
  97. IThrowsAdvice and VS2005: strange behaviour
  98. NameMatchTransactionAttributeSource configuration error
  99. AOP and Serviced Components problems
  100. Instantiate a class that has no public no-argument constructor
  101. ProxyTargetType
  102. Autoproxy for SAO Factory
  103. Spring.Util.ReflectionUtils.GetMostSpecificMethod( ) throws AmbiguousMatchException (
  104. @Configurable Style Depenency Injection into domain objects that are created via new
  105. Bug in SdkRegularExpressionMethodPointcut?
  106. The 'http://www.springframework.net/aop:config' element is not declared
  107. [Transaction(NoRollbackFor = new Type[] {typeof (...)})] broken in 1.1-RC2 ?
  108. Advised method is not being intercepted
  109. Method Not Being Intercepted
  110. ProxyFactory and new instances
  111. How can use ProxyFactory in a non-singleton mode?
  112. How to catch exception from threads?
  113. Unable to get LogginAdvice to work
  114. AutoProxyCreator does not pick up objects
  115. Proxied Class Field Null Problem
  116. ProxyFactory and custom attributes exception
  117. Please help me...
  118. Error creating a proxy-Help!
  119. NonExpiringCache & Remoting
  120. Class and interface in different assemblies
  121. AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory.
  122. getting null values in Log4Net Mysql Appender
  123. Explanation of CacheResultItems
  124. Proxy / Advice Not Limited To proxyInterface
  125. interceptor for url mapping
  126. LogExceptionHandler not allowing exception handling to proceed further
  127. Declarative Caching
  128. Exception is not getting swallowed
  129. Problem creating a pointcut
  130. Cache File Dependency
  131. Unable to cast to DynamicAopProxy
  132. AOP causing field to be null.
  133. Small bug in retry advice?
  134. Problem with Spring.Aop, Version=
  135. Runtime Constructor Arguments
  136. PointCut over full class names
  137. Object Wrapping
  138. Unable to invoke method with AOP
  139. Unit Testing and AOP
  140. Issue related to pproxy order?
  141. Problem getting cache to work with web application
  142. Two interceptors getting mixed up.
  143. Getting access to a object decorated by a Spring Proxy
  144. Support for duck proxies?
  145. Problems with autoproxying: UnsatisfiedDependencyException
  146. Null reference error with CacheAspect and ProxyFactoryObject
  147. TransactionProxyFactoryObject not working as advertised?
  148. Validation trace with AOP
  149. Can only autoproxy interface implementing objects?
  150. How to unit test AOP cache keys?
  151. Unable to implement AOP
  152. bug in proxy method with "out" parameter ?
  153. Introduction Advice to modify base instantiated object
  154. Set key to a type string in [CacheResult]
  155. Error creating context 'spring.root': The 'http://www.springframework.net/tx:attribut
  156. Help on applying AOP on object not created with Spring
  157. AOP + type parameter constraints = TypeLoadException
  158. AfterThrowing and around advice combined
  159. need help on AttributeMatchMethodPointcutAdvisor
  160. Use a custom exception in exception handling
  161. Advising Non-public Methods?
  162. Basic AOP example help me
  163. GetProxy() Returns InvalidOperationException
  164. INotifyPropertyChanged Advice Problem
  165. using AOP for automatic logging?
  166. Interception with multiple interfaces
  167. ChacheResult with two Load-Methods
  168. CastleDynProxy2 is not located
  169. Unable to cast object of type CompositionAopProxy
  170. Reloading Config File
  171. Exception Handling & SpEL & FaultException
  172. Inheritance based proxy - virtual methods and properties
  173. Logging on dynamically loaded object types
  174. when proxies using inheritance will be implemented
  175. Simple Aop for web not triggering
  176. AOP config
  177. Does not like [Transaction] Attr with Generics
  178. dynamically setting Interception Around Advice for just one call
  179. HotSwappableTargetSource and event handlers
  180. about the tag <aop:before ...
  181. HotSwappableTargetSource as an interface implementation?
  182. about Eventbroadcaster
  183. Aop (autoproxy) ceased working
  184. Missing TxAdvice
  185. Error While using log4net and Commonlogging
  186. How do I get the real object target?
  187. Exception Handling in Spring.Net
  188. Advice With INotifyPropertyChanged
  189. Programmatically disable caching
  190. Exceptions in seperate page with spring.net
  191. Exception while invoking proxied interface
  192. Performance monitoring AOP
  193. Class Proxy Without Target
  194. WebServices in Spring.Net
  195. Using Aspects to Implement Databinding
  196. Transactions & Logging
  197. Help with ThreadLocalTargetSource and proxy-target-type
  198. Introducing INotifyCollectionChanged problem
  199. Help with basic logging.
  200. Dynamic Pointcut/Advisor and unexpected problem
  201. Attribute poincut for parameters
  202. Joinpoint, Pointcut
  203. Validation in business layer, class explosion
  204. ExceptionHandlerAdvice: Wrapping Exceptions => "Could not load type"
  205. Benefits over EntApp block
  206. Audit Trail using AOP
  207. Refresh/Invalidate Cache on table change
  208. Are Spring.NET transactions able to do what Spring transactions do ?
  209. Erro Handling Advice does not Trigger
  210. Mapping names hierarchically?
  211. Hardcoded aspects
  212. ProxyFactoryObject and RegularExpressionMethodPointcutAdvisor
  213. Transaction Aspect with another ORM Tool
  214. advice firing order?
  215. AOP Interception on the Fly
  216. Using Spring.Net to intercept every call to a recursive method?
  217. InheritanceBasedAopConfigurer Ref TransactionInterceptor When Attribute-Driven
  218. Advice for a namespace or an Assembly
  219. Client-side exception handler advice
  220. Call to advised method from init-method?
  221. Spring.AopQuickStart.ProxyThis2 is Not Working for tx:attribute-driven
  222. Regular expression for advice problem
  223. InheritanceBasedAopConfigurer Breaks With Abstract Parent
  224. TxScopeTransactionManager swallows exceptions
  225. InheritanceBasedAopConfigurer issue with method visibility
  226. distributed Caching
  227. System.Reflection.AmbiguousMatchException for Inheritance Proxy
  228. AutoProxying Remoted Objects w/ ObjectNameProxy
  229. ProxyFactory.GetProxy() strange behavior
  230. Dictionary and Proxies: what's wrong?
  231. AOP with Proxies and method replacement
  232. Cyclic dependencies between ProxyFactoryObjects
  233. Help for an implementation
  234. Hooks into object construction
  235. ObjectNameAutoProxyCreator null all object member
  236. Transactions across multiple threads
  237. Spring.Proxy, Spring.DynamicReflection Strong Names
  238. Advice called multiple times when using AttributeMatchMethodPointCut
  239. AutoProxy and Events
  240. Access private member of a class
  241. Caching Help
  242. Invocation context in Cache attributes
  243. CompositionAopProxy cannot not be converted
  244. Dynamically created proxies and virtual memory
  245. Applying AOP to fine-grained authorization?
  246. Multiple Auto Proxy Creators on the same objects
  247. Dynamically passing constructor arguments to IoC
  248. Proxy classes and null properties
  249. (newbie) Other DI objects are now null
  250. subclassing instead of proxying