At server side:

I have a Java built server which contains a Java web service[] which includes a method called "getAll"
(string getAll(string id))

At client side:
I have
1.config file segment
<objects xmlns="">
<object id="service" type="Spring.Web.Services.WebServiceProxyFactory, Spring.Services">
<property name="ServiceUri" value=""/>
<property name="ServiceInterface" value="SpringWebservice.IBasicContract, Contract"/>
<property name="ProductTemplate">
<property name="Timeout" value="30000" />
2.relate codes
//interface definition
public interface IBasicContract
string getAll(string id);
IBasicContract iw = (IBasicContract)ctx.GetObject("service");
var results = iw.getAll("1");
Console.WriteLine(resullts); result
The Java web service is correctly built and can be consumed by .Net generated proxy class with the result I need;
According to the reference doc ,my code and config are supposed to be all right,but nothing was print out and no exception was thrown out;
I am confused,could anyone help me ?