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Thread: Do I need to deploy all dependent assemblies?

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    Default Do I need to deploy all dependent assemblies?

    I'm using Spring.NET as my caching framework. I have an assembly where caching is used and the assembly has other dependent assemblies that have nothing to do with Spring.NET.
    When I updated the assembly and deployed, I get an error saying that Spring.AOP can't create an object which is in one of the dependent assemblies.
    I deployed the assembly along with all dependent assemblies and the exception went away.

    My question is, Do I have to deploy all dependent assemblies every time I update the one that uses Spring.NET?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm not certain that I completely understand you're use-case here, but *in general* "it depends" Depending on what are caching, how you are caching it, and what and how the Spring Caching aspect is being applied to, its possible for the situation you are describing to be the case. Its also possible to avoid having to (re)deploy everything as well, but this is largely based on understanding more specifics about your implementation details.

    Hope this helps (even a little).
    -Steve B.

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