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Thread: is dead

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    Default is dead

    with no updates i believe the is dead.

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    if you look at the GitHub repository you will see that the Spring.Net is not dead.

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    Default Not dead yet?

    Quote Originally Posted by luizcarlosfaria View Post

    if you look at the GitHub repository you will see that the Spring.Net is not dead.
    I also tend to agree that the project is NOT dead. However, its fate / roadmap seems oddly ambiguous. Has it been formally divorced from the rest of the Spring projects? GitHub structure indicates "apparently not" but that could just be that they're co-habitating for the moment. It would be nice to know "the Plan" if there one. I did see a tweet about a month ago, so there's stuff going on there somewhere.

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    Default Spring.Net framework - alive or not?

    I would also be very interested in the status of the Spring.Net project and future plans - as far as I can tell ever since VMWare bought SpringSource the .Net side of the equation has gotten lost.

    My entire application architecture is based on the .Net version and far exceeds anything that anyone else has brought to the .Net world - all the goodies that .Net is missing and has been part of the Java mindset for a while is what I get as part of this framework. We are doing things in the .Net world with this framework that frankly I don't we could otherwise do with the speed and agility that Spring affords us.


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    I'm in the exact same boat as you Whatty.
    Not sure where to go from here. A re-write in another framework is just out of the question....

    What are people doing?


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