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    Default Object lifetime

    I was wondering how you can control the object lifetime using Dependency Injection. I found that I can create objects as singletons or prototype (creating a new instance each time), however how do I handle situations where I would like to define a scope for a singleton object, and when it is out of scope a new object is created...

    Can someone point me to the right direction regarding object lifetime using

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    In general I would like to have something like "session" and "request" copes in contexts other than web app context. I have a need to have complete context object hierarchy (where some objects are possibly singletons) instantiated in WCF per call mode.

    Is this doable at all? Where I need to look to create such context?

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    Unfortunately, this isn't do-able at all (and object lifecycle isn't a pluggable behavior in SPRNET so you cannot 'define your own').

    -Steve B.

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