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Thread: Does 1.3.0 work on Mono 2.6?

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    Default Does 1.3.0 work on Mono 2.6?

    I know. I'm being lazy, I should test it myself. :-)

    Just wondered (after reading last thread) whether it's known to build, and how much work other people have done with it?

    Anyone got a binary download (more laziness)? Or instructions on how to build it for Mono (In MonoDevelop or cmd-line or VS2010).

    Certainly Castle Windsor isn't working for me on Mono 2.6.4, so I'm interested in swapping to something with a chance of working.


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    I'm wandering the same thing, too. As I thought it would work :-?
    Does anyone have the answer
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    We've experimented with a Mono port several times in the past but have consistently come up against various issues in re: differences between implementation/behavior of some lower-level .NET BCL (Base Class Library) elements in Mono vs. the Microsoft framework elements that prevent a successful port (e.g., all tests do NOT pass under Mono without additional work).

    This is something that we continue to watch for and consider applying the required to effort to achieve, but as of now I can confirm that its NOT the case that Spring.NET 1.3.0 runs properly (e.g., with all expected behavior) under Mono.

    We are an open source project, however, so a patch achieving this would of course be quite welcome

    -Steve B.

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