Dear Spring Community,

I am pleased to announce the second milestone release of the Spring GemFire 1.0 project is now available for both Java and .NET!

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The Spring GemFire project aims to make it easier to build Spring-powered highly scalable applications using GemFire as distributed data management platform.

To learn more about the project, visit the Spring GemFire Homepage.

The features in 1.0.0 M2 for .NET include
  • Native support for GemFire 6.5 (besides 6.0)
  • Extensive namespace support for configuring all the major GemFire components: cache, client regions and pools
  • Improved support for client regions
  • New configuration option for region lookup-only
  • Spring.NET Cache Advice implementation
  • More documentation (twice the size of the previous release)
Looking forward to your feedback on the forum or in the issue tracker.