Hi all,

I have an application where I have distinct services which need to not only subscribe to incoming messages but also be able to publish messages.
In the Spring AMQP examples, it looks like the listener (incoming) is a POCO and the publishing is done with a gateway.

Should I set up each of my services as a listener via configuration AND have it depend on some gateway implementation?
Or should I have some kind of event aggregator which can act as a subscriber and a publisher and ferry the messages to the intended services as needed?
The later seems backward because it bypasses the pub/sub capabilities built into rabbit. On the other hand, the former seems odd because if I'm making the service dependent on a gateway then it feels strange to also configure it as a listener? I should be able to send and receive via the gateway but I can't subscribe to messages via the gateway, this can only be done as a listener.

Thanks for any help...